A Martha's Mother's Day

A Martha's Mother's Day

Hi Y'all

The emotions around Mother's Day can vary greatly depending on the individual and their relationship with their mother. For some, it is a day of celebration and joy, while for others it may bring up feelings of loss, sadness, or complicated emotions. Overall, A Martha's Mother's Day is a day to honour and appreciate mothers and mother figures. This year I have created a deeply personal and beautiful Mother's Day collection and can't wait to spoil all the gorgeous Martha's mums.

Personally, I am one of the mums that finds Mother's Day very challenging, I am mostly sad and a bit lost at this time. Each year I throw myself into work, creating a beautiful and emotional gift collection to forget my pain, loss and guilt that comes with infertility, foster care and raising another mums' children. 

During the planning stages of this collection, I remembered and rekindled my absolute love for florals, when I am anxious, triggered, down or just flat, I always buy some flowers and create some colourful joy around my home, it's my form of self-care and love. 

You will see when our collection is released flowers are paramount Haha. 

This collection has inspired me to create some exclusive Martha's fresh and faux floral arrangements so keep an eye out in our Boutiques and on social media for some floral action haha.

Also follow along and watch us build our gifting and florals corner at the Albany Creek store. It will be totally gorgeous and a space for you to find the most beautiful gifts for all the special people in your life.  


Megs xx

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Well done! Lovely xx

Jenni Cole

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