About Us

Martha’s Vineyard Lifestyle Collections is a lifestyle and interiors boutique inspired by the iconic traits of Jackie Kennedy Onassis - elegance, charm, and cultivated taste, with a dash of adventure… As with its namesake (the home of the Kennedy’s famous summer house), Martha’s Vineyard Lifestyle Collections is a place where the joys of family vacations, summer entertaining, timeless fashion, and feminine charm join hands. We are lovers of classic blue and white pairings, the essential summer straw hat, large family homes with white picket fences, and the unapologetic beauty of hydrangeas growing wild.

Founder and Creative Director, Megan Jelicich, is a passionate creative with an enduring love of family, fashion, homewares and interiors. Setting a table with soft linens, quality tableware and floral touches for a gathering of friends and family is her love language. In 2018, in a beautiful leap of faith, Megan opened Martha’s Vineyard Lifestyle Collections, as a creative extension of her desire to serve others and nurture connection through warm, inviting spaces.

At Martha’s Vineyard you will find a beautifully curated collection of products and pieces, carefully chosen for their timeless designs, quality craftsmanship and unique ability to accommodate the beautiful messes of ‘life’ with effortless style. At Martha’s we invite you to celebrate the human connection, the joy and generosity of entertaining, the feminine, the classic, and all things beautiful.