Our Martha's Home Renovation

Our Martha's Home Renovation

Hi Y'all 

Welcome to our Martha's Home Reno Blog.

Mr Martha's and I (Meg) are finally going to start our very own home reno and we would like to invite you to join us via these blog updates and Instagram page @ourmarthashomereno . 

We purchased our home 12 years ago and have done many improvements during that time, there was a period of 6 years that we lived in Miles a rural town in Queensland. During that period we rented our home and sadly our family home in Brisbane took a beating . Our time in Miles was fantastic, we loved the country life and our children really enjoyed their early years there. We knew when it was time to engage in high school we would return to Brisbane. In Miles we bought and renovated a small cottage that we now have a gorgeous tenant residing in and it filled our creative void and our families hearts with memories. 

On returning to Brisbane we embraced a new city adventure ! Our biggest adventure being Martha's Vineyard Lifestyle Collections. Martha's has been my dream for 10 years and we finally opened her doors in October 2018. 

Deciding on our family's home has been a robust debate and our decision is too stay and renovate. The positives were:

1. Very supportive family & neighbours 2. close proximity to Martha's 3. Our kids school bus stops are at the end of our street. 

As a mum having my work/passion close by, my children's safety too and from school and positive relationships around me completely fills my cup and helps with the many anxieties that rise up. I believe parents , particularly mothers give up so much and are constantly pushing their inner dreams and feelings down to stop and nurture , protect and support their children. I am not willing to give these 3 core values and needs up and they are on my vision board to motivate and encourage me daily. 

For me my home is my soul and I love to surround myself with beautiful things and will enjoy the physical, emotional and financial challenges this project will bring. My goal is to smash the ideas around perfection and to present the really raw before, during, and after's. 

Thank you for joining in and taking the time to read our story...

Love Megs xx 



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