Our past does not define our future !

Our past does not define our future !

Hi Y'all

Some before moments....

Going through the very old photos of our home when we purchased it has been so therapeutic ! It really has taken me back and triggered some big emotions. This home has so many wonderful and warm memories and housed so many laughs ! Our family have certainly had some hard times here but the good, no the very good outweigh them all.  Isn't it just awesome going back and realising just how far you have come ? The one element that still haunts us is the mission brown paint addiction of the late 80 's hahhaah and the glorious heritage green as an accent colour !! so funny. 

My biggest memory of this day was actually how excited we were! and how much our families supported us through this journey. I am thriving on how raw these photos are, and its creating an enthusiasm for the challenges that lay ahead. 

Enjoy and have a gasp and giggle at our before photos 12 years ago hahhah.

find them on our inst page @ourmarthashomereno

Luv Megs xx 


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