school holidays .. the joys .

school holidays .. the joys .

Welcome to the school holidays mums hahahah

After easter we are off on an adventure to the Gold Coast. Our gorgeous Laura has made her first water polo rep team. Our family are just so excited for her and are loving that we get to have a few days away in Burleigh . We have our Marthas insulated tote ready for drinks and snacks poolside each day (if allowed).

Burleigh is new to us and would love any dining and shopping (because that my sport hehehe) recommendations please.  

As a mum it's so wonderful to watch your children grow and be a part of something bigger than themselves. Working well as a team member is crucial in life and I have always valued the experiences team sports give us as humans. Hope the girls play hard and well. 

Enjoy the holidays ladies. especially all of our burnt-out educators please relax and rest up for term 2! 


Megs xx 

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